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San Mateo County Event Center is Proud to Support San Mateo County’s Emergency Response Team

San Mateo County officials were on property Wednesday, April 19, 2023 to conduct a safety exercise, named “Rising Phoenix”. This involved the coordination and collaboration of multiple agencies, such as local police departments, fire departments, EMT, SWAT, etc., to prepare for emergencies and practice responding to them. The exercises involved real-life scenarios that simulated various emergency situations, such as a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or a mass shooting.


During the training sessions, the agencies worked together to identify potential risks and develop strategies for managing them. They also practiced communication protocols, evacuation procedures, and other emergency response techniques.


The purpose of this safety exercise was to improve the readiness of the participating agencies and enhance their ability to respond effectively in case of an actual emergency. Such exercises are critical to ensuring the safety of the public and the first responders involved.


The San Mateo County Event Center expresses their sincere gratitude and appreciation towards the local officials for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in keeping the community safe and protected during emergencies. Thank you!

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