• Expo Hall has a maximum capacity of 2 million watts of electricity. Expo Hall has (10) 225 amp 3-pole 120/208v circuits (posilock) and (10) 100 amp 3-pole 120/208v circuits (pin & sleeve) around the perimeter of the building. Outside of Expo Hall, there are (4) 200amp 3-pole 480v circuits (pin & sleeve). All electricity is run through trenches in the floor. Additional circuits are available upon request. Expo Hall also has a 400KW automatic backup generator.
  • Fiesta Hall has (14) 60 amp 3-pole 120/208v circuits (pin & sleeve) dropped from overhead. Fiesta Hall also has a 125KW automatic backup generator.
  • Cypress Hall has a 300 amp buss duct overhead supplying circuits ranging from 20 amps to 225 amps 3v. Each building also has (3) 60 amp 3-pole 120/208v circuits (pin & sleeve). Three 20 amp circuits are provided to show management at no additional cost. All power for Oak & Cypress Halls needs to be requested.
  • Meeting Pavilion has various 20 amp circuits and 30amp 5-wire twist locks around the perimeter of the building. Additional electricity is available upon request.


  • Expo Hall has metal Halaide panels and 4 rows of sky lighting that run length-wise, every 30 feet.
  • Fiesta Hall has Mercury Vapor and Fluorescent lighting controlled on panels in the main area. All lighting is dimmable (but not fadable). Garden Center East, Garden Center West, and the Fine Arts Room have fluorescent lights.
  • Cypress has a T-5 florescent high output fixtures. They are dimmable (but not fadable). Each breakout room has its own panel.
  • Meeting Pavilion has florescent lighting and position-able incandescent track lighting. Meeting Pavilion also has fadable, focal point track lighting near the stage area.
  • Redwood and Sequoia Halls have florescent lighting.


  • Expo Hall - Engineer’s recommendations available upon request.
  • Fiesta Hall - 500 lbs. On 20 foot Centers