In-House Services

Equipment Rentals

San Mateo County Event Center can rent the following equipment, based on availability*

Theatrical Drape & Truss

San Mateo County Event Center has 700 feet of 25 ft. high 12 oz. black velour drapery that can be suspended off of 700 feet of 12×12 Tom Cat light weight truss with 26 motors (1 for every 30 feet). The drapery can be set up in various configurations.


In Expo Hall, the motors have to be rigged on the large beams, which run consistent with the columns every 30 feet. Twelve par cans are able to be hung, per every 16 feet with a truss clamp (c-clamps are not allowed).

Telescopic Seating Riser System

The Event Center has an 11-tier telescopic seating riser system with a capacity of 1,788 seats. The riser system can be set in various configurations, with a maximum capacity of 3,200 seats total (floor seating included).

Ticket Booths/Box Office

Please contact your Event Manager for on-site ticket selling and taking.


For telecommunication service, please call AT&T Convention Services (1-800-339-3204)


The San Mateo Event Center is proud to provide you with a sophisticated and technologically advanced secure wireless network throughout the campus.

The Event Center has deployed over 50 access points that logically connect to our centralized IP network.


Our plug-and-play deployment model allows us to provide wireless connectivity on-demand. If network connectivity is needed quickly, Event Center IT staff merely plug into any available Ethernet port. The AP is then automatically configured through our network protocols.

For internet services, please contact your Event Coordinator at [email protected].