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Do we have security onsite? Overnight Security?

We do not have security onsite. We do have a preferred security provider and would be happy to get you a proposal.

How early/late are we allowed to set up?

7:30am – 10pm. If you need access prior to 7:30am or after 10pm, there is an additional fee per hour.

Is there Wi-Fi onsite?

Wi-Fi is available and can be purchased onsite through your device. There is a fee, per user, per device

Do you accept credit cards in the parking lot?


Is there in/out access for the parking lot?

No, once you exit the lot your parking ticket is no longer valid.

What forms of payment to do you accept?

We accept cash, and all major credit cards.

Where is your handicap parking?

Handicap parking spaces are located along the fence line directly in front of the event halls.

Can I drop off an attendee without having to pay for parking?

Yes, we have a drop off area to the left of our ticket booths. Simply inform the parking attendant when you come in of your intentions.

Do you rent RV spaces to the public?

No, RV spaces are only provided to vendors involved in a show at the Event Center.

Where should I enter an event?

General Public Event Entrance Policy: The safety of patrons and staff is a top priority at the San Mateo County Event Center. This is not an open campus and for security purposes (in order to protect event attendees and staff), Gate 1 has been closed. However, for your convenience, we have provided these entrance options:

  • Option 1 – Pedestrian Entrance (Gate 3A)
  • Option 2 – East Parking Lot at 1346 Saratoga Dr.

Can production teams use tape to mark the floor in event space?

No. You may use chalk stick per our Venue Guidelines.

Are exit doors allowed to be blocked by booths, décor, or equipment?

No. The SMFD does not permit any exit doors to be obstructed with any booth, equipment or unit. You will be required to submit a floor plan detailing the layout of the event.

Do you allow wall hanging?

No. Nothing should be hung on walls.